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Understanding Missouri Traffic Violations 

Walker Law LLC Sept. 30, 2022

Male Cop in Uniform Writes a Fine to Female DriverIn the state of Missouri, a motorist may be issued a traffic ticket for committing a traffic offense or violating a traffic law. Examples of traffic violations include speeding, drunk driving, running a red light, reckless driving, driving without a license, or parking near a fire hydrant. An experienced Missouri criminal defense attorney can enlighten you about the consequences of a traffic violation and determine how to fight your traffic ticket. 

It's natural to feel overwhelmed when facing a traffic ticket. At Walker Law LLC, I'm committed to offering detailed legal guidance and reliable representation to clients in their traffic violation cases. Using my extensive knowledge, I will investigate the facts of your case, fight vigorously to protect your legal rights, and keep your driving record as clean as possible. My firm is proud to represent clients across Chesterfield, Cottleville, Town and Country, as well as throughout St. Louis County and Charles County, Missouri. 

Traffic Violations 

A traffic violation occurs when a motorist violates or disobeys any law or rules regulating the operations of motor vehicles on roadways, highways, and streets. In Missouri, traffic violations may be categorized into moving and non-moving violations. 

Moving Violations 

A moving violation is a traffic violation or offense which occurs when the vehicle is in motion. Some common examples of moving violations in Missouri include: 

  • Speeding 

  • Improper lane changes 

  • Reckless driving 

  • Driving while under the influence (DWI) 

  • Running a red light 

  • Failure to yield the right of way 

  • Failure to maintain a single lane 

  • Driving without license 

  • Driving without the required car insurance policy 

  • Driving with a suspended or expired driver's license 

  • Hit and run accidents 

Non-Moving Violations 

A non-moving violation is a traffic violation involving a vehicle that isn't moving. Some common examples of non-moving violations include: 

  • Improper or illegal parking 

  • Parking near a fire hydrant 

  • Parking at an expired parking meter 

  • Parking in front of a driveway 

  • A broken taillight or headlight 

  • Broken or missing mirrors 

  • Parking in a no-parking zone 

  • Failure to display a fuel license/permit 

  • No license plate 

  • Driving without the necessary documentation 

  • Expired motor vehicle plates 

Each of these traffic violations is assigned a point value which will be added to your driver's license and be part of your driving record. 

Understanding the Point System 

Demerit points may be added to your driving record following a conviction for some traffic violation offenses in the state of Missouri. Here are some common traffic violations in the state and their respective points: 

  • Running a red light – 2 points 

  • Not carrying adequate car insurance – 2 points 

  • Running a stop sign – 2 points 

  • Following too closely – 2 points 

  • Failure to yield right-of-way – 2 points 

  • No Driver's License – 2 points 

  • Failure to maintain a single lane – 2 points 

  • Speeding ticket issued by a county or municipal police officer – 2 points 

  • Speeding ticket issued by a state police officer – 3 points 

  • Intentionally allowing an unlicensed person to drive – 4 points 

  • Careless and imprudent driving – 4 points 

  • Failure to produce insurance ID – 4 points 

  • Obtaining a driver's license by misrepresentation – 12 points 

  • Driving while suspended or revoked – 12 points 

  • Vehicular manslaughter – 12 points 

  • A felony involving a motor vehicle – 12 points 

An experienced traffic attorney can educate you about the Missouri point system, as well as the penalties and fines for each traffic offense. 

Traffic Violation Penalties 

If you violate a traffic law in the state of Missouri, you may receive a traffic ticket, demerit points, fines, license suspension, and other penalties. The penalties for your traffic offense will depend on the Missouri point system. 

Advisory Letter: If you accumulate 4 points within a period of 12 months, you will receive a point accumulation advisory letter from the state's Department of Revenue. 

License Suspension: Your license will be suspended by the Missouri Department of Revenue, Driver's License Bureau, for accumulating at least 8 points within a period of 18 months. 

  • First suspension – 30 days 

  • Second suspension – 60 days 

  • Third or more suspensions – 90 days 

Licenses Revocation: In addition, the Missouri Department of Revenue, Driver's License Bureau will revoke your driver's license for one year if: 

  • You accumulate at least 12 points within 12 months 

  • You accumulate at least 18 points within 24 months 

  • You accumulate at least 24 points within 36 months 

Furthermore, accumulating demerit points on your driving record will result in higher fines and penalties. For this reason, you need to retain a highly-skilled lawyer to help fight your traffic violations. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can enlighten you about the seriousness of your traffic offense and help build a strong defense strategy in pursuit of the most favorable outcome. 

Common Defenses for Traffic Violations 

Here are some possible legal defenses to fight your traffic violation allegations in Missouri: 

  • Refute the accusations against you with substantial facts and evidence 

  • Dispute the police officer's account of the incident 

  • Show that your actions were lawfully justified 

  • Establish that it was a mistake of fact 

  • Prove that your conduct or action was necessary to mitigate or avoid possible danger or harm 

A knowledgeable attorney can step in quickly on your behalf, craft an effective defense to fight your Missouri traffic ticket, and make sure those accusations don't ruin your life. 

How Walker Law LLC Can Help  

Getting convicted for traffic violations can have a negative impact on your driving record, including massive fines, demerit points, license suspension, increased insurance premiums, and other devastating penalties. When issued a ticket for traffic violations, retaining a skilled criminal defense attorney is imperative for proper guidance. 

At Walker Law LLC, I have the knowledge and resources to guide and represent individuals wrongly accused of violating a traffic law. As your legal counsel, I will evaluate every detail of your case and strategize an effective defense to help fight your charges. I will represent you diligently in traffic court, seek to dispute the accusations against you with factual evidence, and help protect your driving privileges. 

Don't accept your traffic ticket without a fight. Contact me at Walker Law LLC today to schedule a simple case assessment with an experienced traffic violations defense attorney. My firm proudly represents clients across Chesterfield, Cottleville, Town and Country, and St. Louis County, Missouri.