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What Qualifies as Solicitation of a Minor?

Walker Law LLC July 8, 2022

Man's hand covering mouth of scared young girlSex crimes, particularly those involving minors, are very serious charges in Missouri and other states. One of the crimes that fall under the category of a sex crime involving a minor is “solicitation of a minor.”

Being accused of soliciting a minor can ruin your reputation forever and inflict other life-altering consequences. If you are facing solicitation of a minor charges anywhere in St. Louis or Charles counties, I am here to help.

At Walker Law LLC, I represent people facing solicitation of a minor and other charges to help them seek a path forward. From my office in Chesterfield, Missouri, I provide confidential and trusted legal services to clients throughout St. Louis County and Charles County.

Solicitation of a Minor in Missouri 

Missouri law defines the crime of “solicitation of a minor” as a person aged 21 or older enticing, soliciting, persuading, or luring a minor under the age of 15 for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity. The perpetrator can be charged with the crime if they use their actions or words to solicit a minor.

Additionally, adults aged 21 or older can face criminal charges for online solicitation of a minor, which can be defined as intentionally communicating with a minor on the Internet or other electronic means in a sexually explicit manner or with the intent to engage in sexual conduct.

The Internet offers countless opportunities for people to interact online without having to make physical contact. However, just because there is no physical contact does not mean that individuals aged 21 or older cannot face solicitation of a minor charges for communicating with underage individuals in a sexually explicit manner on chat rooms or forums or via email, texting, or instant messaging on social media.

As a criminal defense attorney in Chesterfield, Missouri, I offer aggressive representation and legal guidance to people facing sex crime charges, including those related to solicitation of a minor.

Possible Defenses to Solicitation of a Minor Charges

When your intentions are not interpreted properly, you may face criminal charges for soliciting a minor. Sometimes, people are accused of soliciting a minor when they believe that they were communicating with an adult. There are several defense strategies that may be available to defendants facing solicitation of a minor charges in Missouri. Possible defenses to solicitation of a minor charges may include:

  • The minor lied about their age, making the defendant believe that the minor was over the age of consent;

  • The defendant is wrongfully accused of the crime;

  • The allegations are baseless;

  • The defendant did not communicate with the minor in a sexually explicit manner; and

  • The defendant’s computer, phone, or social media account was used by someone else when the alleged solicitation of a minor occurred.

This is not the complete list of possible defenses that may be used by the defendant to avoid a solicitation of a minor conviction in Missouri. A skilled criminal defense attorney can review the facts of your case to determine the most suitable defense strategy for your specific situation. At Walker Law LLC, I help clients facing criminal charges for unlawful contact with a minor and online solicitation of a minor. I am dedicated to preserving my clients’ freedom, helping them restore their reputation, and supporting clients through some of the most challenging times in their lives.

Possible Penalties

The negative consequences of a solicitation of a minor conviction can follow you for the rest of your life. In Missouri, you can face solicitation of a minor charges even without making physical contact with the minor. Communicating with a person under the age of 15 online may be enough to qualify as solicitation of a minor in Missouri.

Under Missouri law, solicitation of a minor or attempts to entice a minor is considered a felony that carries a prison sentence that ranges from five and 30 years. Individuals convicted of solicitation of a minor are ineligible for probation, parole, conditional release, or suspended execution of the sentence.

In addition to prison time and hefty fines, persons convicted of solicitation of a minor can face long-lasting consequences and permanent damage to their reputation. If you are under investigation or are facing allegations of soliciting or enticing a minor in Missouri, get in touch with a criminal defense attorney to discuss the details of your case and identify the most effective defense strategy.

Solicitation of a Minor Defense Attorney at Walker Law LLC

At Walker Law LLC, I understand the seriousness of solicitation of a minor charges. You should not face these charges alone. You cannot take chances when your freedom is at stake. I have a reputation for my dedication to clients and my ability to vigorously defend clients against felony and misdemeanor charges in Chesterfield and throughout the state of Missouri. Reach out today to schedule a confidential consultation.